3 important things in a relationship


My friends always ask me how I keep my relationship strong and oh well, still cheesy. Honestly, I don’t know either. I always think that I am just lucky to find the someone who doesn’t leave me when I throw tantrums on simple things and when I want to eat ramen 24/7. In short, I always think I have found the perfect man for me. But I am wrong, that’s not really the reason. I just realized that there are couple of factors to keep the relationship strong for years; and even for a lifetime.

These are the things that I think essential in a relationship

  • Appreciate your partner

Notice how your partner wakes up every morning to prepare your food. Notice how your partner do the laundry every week. Say thank you when your partner holds the door for you or pull out the chair for you to seat. Notice how your partner spends so much time in the parlor to look good when you come home. Notice when your partner remembers your random story you told him/her before. When you notice these things, that’s when you start to appreciate even the smallest thing your partner has done. And when you appreciate the small things, you will find more and more reason to love your partner.

  • Talk to your partner

Communication is one of the pillars in a relationship. Let your partner know what are your problems, your fears, your frustrations, everything! It’ll not only help your relationship destroy any barriers between the two of you but also it will help you de-stress when you know you have a go-to person when you had a bad day. 🙂

And do not tell lies to your partner. Lying is a very dangerous game. It’s better that your partner knows everything rather than your hiding something and she finds it from someone. This will also build a strong bond and trust in your relationship.

  • Commit to your partner

When you feel like you are falling out of love, remember the day you said to your partner that you love him/her. Love is not just a word. It’s a commitment. It’s not something you can throw whenever you feel like you don’t need it anymore. When you say something to your partner, try to uphold those words, and your partner will stay faithful and love you even more.

Here are some tips on how you appreciate your partner 🙂

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