His proposal


The moment I’ve been waiting for years. The moment I dreamed for, has come. Until now I still get that ‘kilig factor’ (romantic excitement) whenever I think of his proposal.

So this is how the story goes.

A week ago: He told me he’s going to buy a bike with his friends in Quiapo. I said `okay` and reminded him to be vigilant coz that place is very, very, very bad. Joke. The place is kinda full of pick pocketers, thieves etc.

A day before the proposal: He asked me wear a dress before I go back to our condo. (as I always go to my parents house every weekends) I thought we’re going out and have an early monthsary celebration after he bought his bike. I know his attitude, he wants to celebrate whenever he buys stuff that he likes a lot. 🙂
He also went to our house hoping he can talk to my parents about his proposal when I’m asleep but unfortunately, my mom went out-of-town that day. So he went home around 7pm and texted and called my parents instead. He also talked to my sisters about his plan and I was amazed that my sisters were able to kept that secret from me. HAHAHAHA knowing my eldest sister, I can easily tell when she’s lying or hiding something but wasn’t able to do so in his proposal.

Proposal day

7pm: When I was on my way back to our condo, he keeps on texting me and calling me where I am and what time will I be in our unit. I thought he’s just too excited to brag his bike and have a date with me. This thought kept me excited to see him and his bike. I love to see him happy. 🙂

10pm: When I opened the door, he surprised me with this…

Engagement ring
My engagement ring! ❤ ❤ #love #engaged #proposal #life #couple #fiance

He asked me the million dollar question, `Will you marry me?`. I can’t even speak that time coz I was overwhelmed, shocked and overjoyed at the same time. I just cried for almost a minute before I said `YES`. I was overwhelmed by the fact that he made an effort for this proposal after telling him that I don’t need a fancy ring or proposal. I just want him to be my husband and his love is more than enough for me to decide on having a married life. I just want to spend the rest of my life with him, that’s all. No need for this. But thank you, Jerome, for making me feel loved and special. That was the happiest moment of my life. I just can’t express I happy I was that time. For years I imagined him as my husband, and that dream is starting to come true. The next chapter in our relationship is starting to unfold and I am very excited how far our story will go. I believe it will be beyond forever.

We're engaged!
We’re finally engaged! #love #engaged #proposal #life #couple #fiance

Marriage life here we come! #approved #like #happy

PS: He told me that in able to buy the ring, he requested to get his 13th-month pay in advanced and he planned this proposal for months. That melted my heart. Thank you for doing your best for me.  A+ for the effort! ❤

Here are some photos after he proposed. We looked so happy here so I included it in my post. 🙂


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